10 Best Laptops For College Students in all Price Ranges 2017

In today’s world in doesn’t matter which profession you choose or which college you go for it,One needs a laptop to work on and it is a prime necessity for a new college student to have a laptop to assist his/her work.

So our team got together to compile the best laptops for new aspiring and budding college goers,We made sure that we keep this list mixed up and include something for everyone and we researched a lot of variants and different companies to come forward with this list to keep everyone happy whether you are planning to spend some big bucks or want an efficient laptop computer,we have you covered.



10. Dell Inspiron 11 3162

The top 10 laptops for college students

Photo: Dell

This stylish and a colorful laptop from Dell is surely a great choice for any college going student as it is thin
and looks stylish and also the 11.6 inch screen along with the Celeron processor ensures that you get your projects done in time.

It comes with a 64 bit variant of windows which is already preloaded on which browsing and light hearted gaming can be done easily.The 2 GB ram and a barrage of connectivity options make this laptop suitable for either engineering or a medical student.

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9. Lenovo 80E503G2IH G50-80

Top 10 laptops for college students Lenovo 80E503G2IH

Photo: Lenovo

Among the various devices and computers one which is very popular is the G50-80 series from Lenovo due to its efficiency and also due to the history of the company which has produced some really good laptops and electronics in the past as well.

The 80E503G2IH is a well built and a very sturdy device which has an intel i3 core since most of the students wont really require a high powered device right off the bat,hence this device is an all in one laptop with a 4 GB ram and a 1 TB hard drive.Storage and power wont be an issue along with the large 15.6 inch screen on which browsing and working will be a great experience,hence this a great product with really nice processing capabilities and will be a great first laptop for any person.

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8. Microsoft Surface Book

Best laptops for college architecture students

Photo: Microsoft

The very laptop which comes to our mind when thinking about architecture students or the photography or editing students is the surface book which has windows 10 pro along with a state of the art touch display which comes with a surface pen to touch up and concentrate on the very fine and minute details on the 13.5 inch pixel sense display.

The 8 GB ram along with i7 processor and the 256 GB harddrive is more than enough to render your images or even play the highest quality games and also work on modelling and design which requires some good processing power,This laptop is hands down one of the best if not the best for working on touch display and you can also choose from a 16 GB ram version with a 1 TB harddrive for some extra performance.

7. Acer Aspire R11 Pentium Quad Core Laptop (R3-131T)

the top 10 laptops for college students 2017

Photo: Acer

This is amazing flip laptop which can be used as a normal laptop or can be flipped to be used as a tablet on
its 11.6 inch touch screen,recently the 2 in 1 laptops have been getting very popular among college students and this device which runs a 4 GB ram along with 500 GB drive and a Pentium processor is a steal at this price and the build of the laptop is great and can withstand the daily usage hence if portability along with functionality is what you desire then this is good choice.

6. HP Pavilion 15-au620TX 15.6-inch Laptop

Best laptops for college HP Pavilion 15-au620TX

Photo: HP

A list which could not be completed without the pavilion from HP which is an exceptional laptop and is power packed with a 2.5 GHz processor and playing games or multitasking is no issue with the help of the 8 GB ram and the NVIDIA graphic card which is included.

A 1 TB hard disc for storage as well as the wide 15.6 inch screen will give you a great experience and the audio system with the webcam on the laptop PC is brilliant as well.This powerful and stylish piece of technology can easily cater to a lot of people and is surely one of the best options to consider.

5. Apple MacBook Air

Best laptops for college students 2017

Photo: Apple

A very popular choice among MBA students and many more is the Macbook Air which is extremely lightweight and moreover very thin,maybe even thinner than most of the books that students study from.

The Macbook is powered by a 8 GB RAM Intel processor and runs the apple’s MAC OSX operating system and the 720p HD webcam is great for video calling and recording self portraits,the 13 inch laptop has Intel hd graphics 6000 hence running any application will be a smooth task,hence overall this laptop is a great choice for a college student and more likely a style statement too.

4. ASUS Transformer Book T100HA

Best 10 laptop pc for students in college

Photo: ASUS

Yes you may have correctly guessed it from the name that the ASUS transformer is a hybrid laptop/tablet which is 10.1 inch HD touch screen which runs windows on it,the tablet can be fully be transformed into a working laptop with the help of a keyboard on which the tablet can be locked in with the help of its hinges,the notebook is slim and looks premium and runs windows 8.1 and performs well on processing and multitasking hence the 2 in 1 hybrid is a well made and an extremely portable device.

3. Asus X Series X540LA-XX538D 15.6-inch Laptop

10 best laptops for college students

Photo: ASUS

This laptop by ASUS targets the budget category segment of the market and is packed by a Intel i3 processor and a DOS operating system with a nice 1 TB drive and 15.6 inch screen you surely wont run out of space,the 2 GHz processor alongside the the 4 GB ram power up the device and is sufficient for college students as the metal finish and the sleek look make it a really preferable and an affordable device.

2. Lenovo IdeaPad 510

ideapad 510 best college laptops

Photo: Lenovo

At number 2 we have a real all rounder which is the Ideapad 510 which has become very popular among school students and college students because of the 15.6 inch screen on which you can enjoy gaming and media like never before and to power all those experiences it functions on top of the 1 TB HardDisk and the intel i5 processor and a NVIDIA 2 GB graphic card is provided to help you speed up those graphics and provide a smooth experience.

The stunning display along with the beautiful backlit keyboard and the stylish design makes this laptop a really powerful companion.

1. DELL XPS 15

10 best laptops for college students 2017

Photo: Dell

To finish of the list we have the XPS 15 which is remarkable laptop but surely does cost a lot but one should consider the extravagant features you get for your money like the 4k 15.6 inch display which seems to have no end due to bezel less display.

It comes with a i7 processor powered with a NVIDIA GTX 960M graphic card which allows you to play any game that you like and perform endless graphic and video rendering as well as software coding and application building will be quick and snappy for the coders out there.

Infact the laptop is almost 59% thinner than the Macbook Pro which makes sure that you can carry
it easily which is surprising for a laptop with this kind of specifications,hence if you spend a little more you will end up with maybe best devices out there and maybe in your class well.

Alright Guys so this was our list of the 10 best laptops for college students ,hence we kept in mind a lot of things such as durability,size,screen,price,performance and hence made a conclusive list with a lot of variety so we are sure that we assisted you to decide on which Laptop you will be choosing.


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