Best 11 vlogging cameras for vloggers and youtubers

11 Best Vlogging Cameras 2017 | Digital Cameras, DSLR, Action Cams

Are you ready to be the next to be the next YouTube celebrity or the next biggest daily vlogger and the only thing stopping you is a good vlogging camera,Don’t worry as we got your back and in this list we will jot down the best cameras you can go for before going viral on the internet and capturing your videos.

The term vlogging refers to a person capturing his/her daily activities in a camera and henceforth uploading it on YouTube or any video sharing platform for the world to see,

It doesn’t actually matter as you can use these cameras for any purposes or just maybe even if you are going on a trip and want to capture those moments with your friends and family or are travelling the world or is  adventure maniac who would like to encapsulate every memory so later on after maybe decades can pull out the videos from the archives and have a full blown nostalgic moment.

Alright enough intro or prep talk lets get in it

The Top 11 Vlogging Camera’s in 2017


11. Sony Cybershot DSC-WX220 Digital Camera

best vlog cameras 2017 Sony cybershot DSC-WX220

Photo: Sony

To start things off we chose the Sony wx220 which a great little digital camera which not only is lightweight but is very compact so you can easily put it in your jacket pocket and in you jeans and shoot whenever you feel like.

With the 18.2 megapixel camera you can shoot full HD videos and even zoom in upto 10x in far away subjects and there are many features and options in the shooting mods or you just go with the auto mode and this camera falls in a budget range which is great as you can enjoy the likes of WiFi connectivity and NFC capabilities without really blowing a dent in your pockets.

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10. Polaroid Cube

best vlogging cameras includes polaroid cube

Photo: Polaroid

This is one actually one of the most interesting and has actually become very famous recently and this listicle wouldn’t have been complete without the polaroid cube as the small and compact size allows you to carry it anywhere.

And with a magnetic bottom you can stick it anywhere maybe your helmet or your bike with a mount or even pool stick as you take those shots and impressively you can shoot 1080p HD videos with it and with a record time of 90 mins this surely is a great little action camera for your vlogs,and yes you can also increase the memory size to 32 GB with a SD card,I guess great things do come in small sizes.


9. Sony Cybershot DSC-WX500

the sont wx 500 in the top 11 vlog cameras

Photo: Sony

The is one of the most versatile vlogging camera’s and has a lot of features,primarily apart from its stylish looks it has a 18.2 megapixel lens along with zeiss 30 x zoom which is incredible,and one of the major plus points is the 180 degree tiltable LCD which allows you to take vlogs by actually looking at the LCD and adjusting to the frame.

A lot of famous YouTuber’s seem to like this device and the feature of the flip type screen is picking up,bionz engine and the EXMOR sensor enables you to take great quality videos or images and with the help of the WiFi and NFC capabilities you can instantly upload it in you phone and the camera can be controlled with the help of your smartphone.


8. Nikon D5300 DSLR Camera

review of the nikon d5300 in top vlog cameras

Photo: Nikon

When you are looking for a professional camera for your videos then nothing is better than DSLR and the Nikon 5300 is one of the best ones in the market in that price range as it has a 24 megapixel camera with the CMOS sensor which endures really high imaging and the inclusion of the vari angled lcd screen helps you in taking difficult shots easily and the camera itself is pretty light for a DSLR and can be easily handled and used for self recording purposes if used with a tripod or a mount and the WiFi and geo tagging features are like the icing on the top.

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7. GoPro HERO5

go pro hero 5best 11 vlogging cameras 2017

Photo: GoPro

One of the most popular if not the most popular action vlogging camera’s out there is the Gopro Hero 5 which a really compact and a small camera capable of shooting high quality 4k HD videos and has a 2 inch small touch display to view your shots.

The one button control feature allows you to start recording with just a press and the stabilization is also handled to an extent by the small camera and can be controlled by voice so whether you are adventure enthusiast,a person who loves riding bikes or going trekking and love going for deep underwater this action camera is durable and waterproof so just mount it on and let the camera take care of the rest.


6. Samsung NX mini Digital Camera

samsung nx mini best vlogging cameras

Photo: Samsung

A little bit above in the price range is the nx mini which is a very stylish and a unique digital camera with 20.5 mp camera which has a BSI sensor inside of it to handle the stabilization and the processing along with 9mm lens which can be interchanged as well which is crazy for a digital camera.

This surely is one of the best looking camera’s out there and the flip up LCD monitor will surely grab some eyeballs and obviously help you better with your video,this compact and slim device is feature packed with easy social share,remote viewfinder and easy connectivity through WiFi or NFC and even the touch display makes shooting full HD videos quite a pleasant experience on this fancy device and this product by Samsung is surely one of the most elegant and quality enriched cameras.


5. Canon EOS 70D Digital SLR Camera

11 best cameras for vlogging canon eos 70 d

Photo: Canon

The 20.2 megapixel digital SLR camera has been a constant choice for many YouTuber’s and even professionals as the camera has a state of the art dual focus system which allows the user or the photographer to easily focus in on the subject without waiting a lot of time,this is usually beneficial for sports videographers or people who like to record themselves either running or even fast moving object.

The EOS  vlogging camera has a digic 5 + processor which reduces the noise and captures videos at really impeccable resolutions and quality and the sharpness of the image remains at higher ISO’s.

Shooting at low lights wont be an issue and the user can choose from many modes along with the vari angled lens which allows the person to have freedom of shooting from a lot of angles,hence conclusively this is a great camera so if you are aspiring to go professional then this is the product you should go for.


4. Canon EOS Rebel T7i

review o the best vlog cameras eos rebel t7i

Photo: Canon

The rebel series is aimed at providing the user with a easy to use and a very professional approach towards shooting videos.The camera is has a 24 megapixel sensor and the lens can be interchanged easily,the DSLR is very light and has a comfortable and a compact feel to it which is important because you will be holding it a lot of time.

The dual pixel CMOS technology allows the user to easily focus and the face detection locks in on the face,the array of connectivity options including WiFi and NFC along with Bluetooth so that you capture edit and upload those YouTube videos as fast as possible.

A lot of features can be applied to both still images and movies such as miniature effect B&W effect etc.The CMOS(APCsensor) stabilizes the shots and the images come out clean and sharp.


3. Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 4k

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH4 which is among best vlog cameras in 2017

Photo: Panasonic

This camera is surely of the most highly recommended and actually widely used among the YouTube community because of the fact that it can record videos at really high resolution and the MOS sensor along with cpu VENU engine allows the user to capture 4k videos seamlessly on the camera.It is a mirrorless camera and the lens can be interchanged with body made out of solid magnesium it is a sturdy and solid.

The 16.05 MOS sensor enhances the video recording with the AF time very short and the overall quality very brilliantly,the WiFi and NFC connectivity options and the live feed through HDMI can be used to view the live shots,The 49 focus points allow you to focus at a specific part of an image and also the angled Screen can be flipped sideways for better flexibility hence this device is amazing for a passionate vlogger.

2. Sony Alpha 7R II Camera

the α7R II is palced in the top vlogging cameras

Photo: Canon

This falls in the really high end models of the cameras out there , this is for professionals who keep a no nonsense approach towards their work and want the viewers to experience the best quality videos from them .It has a crazy 42.4 megapixels CMOS sensor with the first backlight illuminated structure of 35 mm to shoot high definition 4k videos on it.

Images are of low noise and every detail of the image is good with in depth contrast with the help of the Bionz x engine,With its advanced processor and image sensor the image come out vibrant and the hybrid AF enhance performance.

The lens are interchangeable with Sony’s E mount lens and the 5 axis stabilization guarantees no important scenes were missed due to shaky shots.Overall this is a masterpiece of a camera and takes the shooting experience to a whole new level.

1. CANON G7x mark 2

CANON G7x mark 2 is the best camera for vlogging in our review

Photo: Canon

By far one of the most popular and a significant improvement to the previous version of the g7x is the mark 2 and has become really popular among the creators of the video community because of its lightweight and the capabilities it has,one of the major features is the flip up angled LCD screen which helps you to look at your videos as you shoot.

With the Digic 7 image processor the fine details of the images are captured brilliantly with good low light shooting and elimination of shake due to high ISO with min shutter rates,the 1 inch CMOS processor in the vlogging camera produces high quality and sharp images with auto focus tracking and the the videos light bright and clear.

Shooting HD videos is easy whether you are on the move because of the IS system which reduces the image shake and you can easily share the images with you smartphone with WiFi and NFC and can seamlessly be transferred to your computer via the canon image gateway software.

So i think that this camera is a very apt in a seemingly affordable price for vloggers who are looking for a plethora of features in a camera.


I think we gave you pretty detailed list with the best vlogging camera’s to choose from,we had everything from Professional cameras to budget digital cameras and even some high end DSLR in this comprehensive list so there is something for everyone.

Alright folks so go ahead and grab a camera and start your  journey and create some magical personal moments or create some stunning vlogs and become the next YouTube star.

2 thoughts on “11 Best Vlogging Cameras 2017 | Digital Cameras, DSLR, Action Cams

    1. Hi Ashlay,
      We think that Both the cameras are very well equipped in terms of their specifications with the Canon G7 X having a 20.2 megapixel sensor whereas the Sony a6500 has a 24.2 megapixel sensor and both perform well and imaging and processing is really good on both.
      The Sony a6500 has an interchangeable lens option so it gives you an option of experimenting with many mountable lenses.
      They both have WiFi connectivity and sport a flexible screen which is very suitable for Vloggers.
      The Sony a6500 can shoot high quality 4k videos and has a well designed rugged body with moisture control feature so if you tend to travel a lot and like to use it in rough conditions you can go for this, but if you are looking for a compact and sturdy camera which you can carry anywhere due to its light form factor and capture Full HD videos with good low light capabilities and quick and fast transfers to your computer then you should definitely consider the Canon G7 X .
      Hope this helps
      Have a Nice Day

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