Top 8 waterproof and water smartphones

8 Best Waterproof Smartphones Available in the Market

When the first waterproof phones came out they really excited us and made us wonder if we could possibly be able to use them without any sort of damage to the phone and would they keep up to their promise.Well they did seem to work but not completely and were more of water resistant sort of mobiles.

There is a difference between water resistant and waterproof,the waterproof phone allow you to take your device inside water and they are very much functionable when fully submerged but when we talk about resistant it means the device is able to withstand water damage and can repel liquids easily.

With the cool advancements in the world of technology we have a lot of cool phones which are launching day by day,Find out more below which ones we have compiled for you.


The Best Waterproof Phones You Should Buy


8. Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

top waterproof mobiles Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Photo: Samsung

The Eight position on our list is taken up by the the gorgeous Samsung galaxy S7 Edge,this phone not just looks really good with a curved edge display but also packs a lot of power in terms of its processor.It has a HD Super AMOLED display screen and runs the 2.3 GHz Exynos Octa core processor with 4 GB RAM,Also the phone has a 12 MP camera and a 5 MP front camera which takes detailed photos so with the phone having an IP68 rating it offers protection under dust and water and you can use it inside water for up-to 30 minutes till a depth of 1.5 meters.


7. HTC U11

The best waterproof phones in 2017 HTC U11

Photo: HTC


This flagship phone from HTC promises on a variety of levels and does look really fancy as well,it has something called as an edge sense which allows you to interact with some applications by squeezing your phone,this is a nice new innovation by HTC but we aren’t sure that everyone will actually like it.The front and the back have 3D glass and the mobile device has a shiny glossy finish which looks really good.The company claims that the camera on the phone is the best which they have come out with hence with IP67 certification which ensures it is waterproof and good camera capabilities this is a nice option for your underwater adventures.


6. Moto G4 Plus

Moto G4 Plus top water repellent phones

Photo: Motorola

When talking about a low cost phone which provides guard from water and dust we can surely name the G4 Plus ,this phone offers a lot in terms of its specifications such as fingerprint sensor for better security and also runs Android marshmallow,the phone is powered by a Snapdragon Octa core processor and has a big 5.5 inch display,this phone is more of a water repellent kind with nano coating and can withstand rain as well as it wont break down if splashed with water thus at such a competitive price point such features are impressive.


5. Apple iPhone 7

Best waterproof and water resistant phones Apple iPhone 7

Photo: Apple

One of the best phones out there in terms of looks and in terms of speed in obviously the iPhone 7,it has been rated as IP67 and can be easily used inside water for upto half an hour,the camera on the device is really brilliant with optical stabilization technology and is able to click amazing photos underwater with either the primary 12 MP camera or the secondary 7 MP facetime lens which was earlier a 5MP lens and received an upgrade.


4. Sony Xperia XZ Premium

Top waterproof phones Xperia XZ Premium

Photo: Sony

Sony has been in the waterproof game since a long time and they have really blown us away with XZ which has 19 MP main camera which is able to record 4K videos and has a 13 MP camera for selfies and video calling.Powered by a Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor it has been IP68 certified so going for a swim and clicking away is easy as ever and the brilliant 4K display makes everything look much nicer.


3. Samsung Galaxy S8

best waterproof phones in market Samsung Galaxy S8

Photo: Samsung

One of the best looking phones out there is the S8 with a crisp looking infinity display which just takes the breath away.When talking about the speed and performance of the smartphone it is run on the Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor which makes the device very snappy and fast ,the camera on the mobile phone is really good and can take full HD videos and works well in rough conditions.A touch wiz interface runs on top of the Android Nougat 7 which makes it quite different and with full water resistance this phone can easily handle liquids.


2. LG G6

best waterproof phones LG G6

Photo: LG

A new flagship from LG runs on the 2.3 GHz snapdragon 821 quad core processor,the screen to body ratio is what makes this phone unique with a taller screen it is designed for better readability and offers good view-ability while browsing,The dual camera allows a user to capture much wider perspective and the 5.7 inch full vision display along with Dolby display makes the screen look really amazing and with IP68 rating you can use this waterproof phone for 30 minutes at the depth of 1.5 meters.


1. Apple iPhone 7 Plus

iphone 7 plus best waterproof phone

Photo: Apple

The bigger version of the iPhone 7 does look really good and with the IP67 waterproofing you can easily play along with it in rain or use to for underwater photography till 1.5 meters and for 30 mins.The difference between the both is that the 7 plus offers a dual lens camera which allows for better photography and can zoom much further without resolution loss,bigger screen means that there is considerable improvement in the battery power and with A10 fusion chip the speed is impeccable,so if you are looking for a phone which can do almost everything seamless then this is the one for you.


The Thought of jumping inside your pool or having a dip in the ocean while you record those moments on your smartphone is really cool,and these phone which we listed out above will most certainly be able to do that and much more underwater.

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