Fitness bands under rs 3000

Fitness Bands under Rs 3000 you should Buy Now

We are living in extraordinary times where we can use the likes of fitness bands to track every movement of our body including heart rate,steps and sleep monitoring as well.This can turn out to be very important in the long as you can point out the vital signs of your body due to some amazing fitness trackers and make some necessary changes in your lifestyle.Check out our recommendations below


5. GoQii Fitness Band

goqii fitness tracker

At the number 5 we give you the GoQii fitness tracker which according to few reports have been selling extremely well and have been quite popular.The band is not the best looking but it makes it up with its multitude of features such as heart rate monitoring,distance,steps taken,calories and also sleep monitoring.

A great feature with this fitness band is that you get a personal fitness coach which will motivate you and guide you on your daily habits and the membership also is quite cheap.The screen allows you to look at notifications whether it from Whatsapp or an incoming call.


4. Lenovo HW02  Plus

Not the usual kind which you expect but sort of a unicorn in this space,it has a hidden OLED display and a touch sensor,the company has focused on PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) which monitors your heart rate,gives fitness goals,personalized exercise guidance and also a sedentary sensor.A few splashes here and there wont matter as it is IP67 certified.


3. Xiomi Mi Band 2

xiomi mi band 2

We have the widely popular Mi band which sold like hot cakes when it came to wearable technology,the first mi band wasn’t that great but the second one had far more options such as alarm,health monitors,unlock phone with just your band and much more.

The smart band is splash resistant thus you wont be able to go for a swim with it but different exercises such as jogging and walking are pretty accurate.But at such a low rate Xiomi gives us a bundle of great specifications,but if you still want a cheaper smart band then you can go for the Mi band Hrx edition.


  2. Boltt Beat HR Fitness Tracker

boltt beat HR review

A very sleek and stylish looking heart rate monitoring band which not only looks premium but does a lot when you wear it on your wrist.A coaching plan comes pre activated with it which tells you all your body’s functions and a AI assistant guides you throughout on various tasks,audio and text coaching is a great feature as well the steps and the flights climbed are also tracked,using the bolt health app take a photo of your meal and get detailed breakdowns of all the nutrients and minerals present thus making it a great fitness tracker.


1. Huawei Honor Band 3

Huawei Honor band 3 review

The most good looking among all the other fitness bands out there and is also very comfortable to wear,the huawei wear as well as health app show you detailed reports of your sleep, calories, distance traveled .You can even set alarms and the honor band 3 will vibrate softly.

A great feature is that it is fully waterproof and you can go for a swim while it tracks your swimming details in a synchronous can connect to your phone’s GPS and get real time audio feedback as well as main statistics about your exercise.A lot of modes are available including indoor running,outdoor running,walking etc.Thus according to us this is the best activity tracker/fitness band just because of the value for money aspect.



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