most used emojis on internet

These Emojis have Been Used the Most on Internet

Long gone are those days when we used to write long conversations and every word had to be chosen properly to mean a particular emotion as the introduction of emojis changed the way we communicate with each other.

There are 205 billion messages sent around the world each day,wow that’s a big number and a majority of which are emoticons,those cute little faces which easily summarize exactly what you want to say.They also look cool and make the conversation more fun,i wont be kidding when i say that i have seen people communicating just on emojis,Are you one of them?

Among the billions sent through either whatsapp,facebook,snapchat or any other social networking medium what are the one which actually are among the top ones,go down to find out.

Most Popular Emojis Around The World


1. Face with Tears of Joy

Face with tears of joy

Not a big surprise as even i use this emoji most of the time and is a good alternative to the emotionless “hahaha” ,this is by a far number the most used emoticon on the internet,usually used when you hear a really funny joke and cant control your laughter.


2. Heart Eyes

heart eyes emoji

Lets admit it haven’t we all used this emoji far too many times,whether it be expressing love or reacting to some really tasty food this is the emoji which describes it the best.


3. Hearts


If this wasn’t on the list then there wouldn’t have been a list as this coveys love affection and attraction all together with just one single symbol,i mean heart is the universal symbol for love isn’t it?


4.  Face blowing a kissing heart

Face blowing a kissing heart

Whats better then just a blowing a normal kiss its a kiss with a heart,popular among couples which express their affection for each other on a regular basis,thus being a trendy choice.


5. Winking Face

winking face emoji

I was actually expecting this to be atleast 1 or 2 positions above but still the winking emoticon is at a strong rank,usually accompanied with a mischievous or a naughty message,the youth community on the web seems to use this a lot.


6. Rolling on the floor laughing

rolling on the floor laughing

Heard a joke which made you laugh your guts out if yes then use this to describe it the best because many times we hear comic messages usually on whatsapp groups on which we burst out in laughter.


7. Smiling Face 

smiling face

Usually popularly used when trying to express happiness to someone else ,it is a very popular and sent on a regular basis depicting a wide smile and showing pure joy.


8. Smiling With Smiling Eyes

smiling face with smiling eyes


Sometimes few people or messages make you so happy that the whole face feels all happy and blushes in pleasure,these type of emojis are used when a person compliments you or says something really sweet which makes you feel extremely delightful.


9. Crying Face

crying face

Obviously one shouldn’t be unhappy and must be in a merry mood always but such is not the case usually and there are times when sadness has to be expressed so this is used as the most common form of mourning something where the tears do not stop and crying is uncontrollable.

10. Grinning with Closed eyes

grinning with smiling eyes

When the smile goes a little more than just feeling a bit happy and you are feeling downright glad and filled with emotions of being upbeat and also feeling that you are on cloud nine,people all around the world on internet use this popular emoticon when hearing any good news or something which pleases them a lot.


Do tell us in the comments the emojis you use the most.


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