safe online shopping

7 Tips to Ensure a Safe and Secure Online Shopping Experience

Use these Simple Tips for a Secure and Safe Online Shopping Experience

public wifi

1. Never Perform a bank transaction on a public WiFi network or on a network which is public and you do not trust as attackers might steal your bank details and you might even get hacked.


2. Shop from only trustworthy Websites and those which have a good reputation on the internet as there are abundance of companies which cheat their customers and leak their private information which provides a bad customer experience.


3. Be careful when clicking on links which circulate through Whatsapp and products which are advertised to you via e-mail and social media as harmful virus and hackers might be at other end of the link.


4. Make sure you perform online purchases from websites which have an secure SSL certificate.


strong password

5. It is necessary to keep a lengthy password which is a mixture of uppercase letters,numbers,characters. Avoid passwords which are easy to guess ex: admin123, password


6. Keep a track of your bank transactions and regularly obtain mini-slips so that you are safe than sorry.


7. And most importantly think twice before clicking on anything when you do online shopping and be extremely secure.

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