Top 10 Portable and Compact Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 2017

Speakers have seen a lot of innovation in recent time,with them becoming smaller and smaller it has given the consumers the ability to select a handy and a convenient speaker which they can carry anywhere to enjoy music.

We decided to make and compile a list of the best portable speakers which you should go for right now,So we kept in mind a lot of things such as the budget,size,specifications and quality while making this list.

Lets Get right into it

The Best Portable Wireless Speakers You Should Buy now


10. JBL GO Portable Wireless Speaker

Top 10 Portable and Compact Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 2017

Photo: JBL

The cube sized speaker is very portable and can be easily carried around wherever you go,the volume on the small speaker is loud enough for the entire room to hear as well as the bass is punchy and the lows and mids are quite audible as well.

With a very affordable price tag and a variety of punchy colors to choose from the GO is a great wireless speaker.

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9. Logitech X300 Bluetooth Speaker

The best Bluetooth speakers

Photo: Logitech

With a peculiar curved design the speaker is very easily able to blast its music in all angles and directions,you can easily connect your mobile smartphone and not worry about range as it stays connected for more than 28 feet through Bluetooth.

Logitech which is a veteran in the audio industry managed to provide some deep bass and crisp sound quality
in the X300 for you to effortlessly answer and manage calls on the compact speaker.

8. Creative Muvo Mini

creative muvo mini top portable speakers

Photo: Creative

If you travel a lot or just go to pool side parties and maybe even the beach then this is the portable speaker for you,With water resistance tested upto IP66 standards and a cool brick like design you can sure rock these into your hands and get the party started.

You can connect to the speaker via either Bluetooth and even NFC which is a great feature,Pop in the
AUX cable and play some loud music with rich bass on this quality gadget.

7. Philips BT-50G Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Top 10 Portable Bluetooth Speakers 2017

Photo: Philips

One of the best looking and compact in terms of form factor this gadget has a rounded cylindrical design and does pack a good punch in terms to its size as the trebles and volume is pretty loud on the BT-50G with the bass having a decent quality and with 5+ hours battery time it is a perfect choice when you are tight on a budget.

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6. Bose SoundLink Mini II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

top bluetooth speakers of 2017

Photo: Bose

Bose has been known to make really high quality devices and equipment’s and they certainly managed to use all their expertise in making the Soundlink mini 2 which is pretty compact speaker with rectangular curved design and fits easily in the palm of your hand and can be even placed inside your home due to its stylish built.

It provides a loud and good quality sound experience and also bass is very deep as expected from bose products.The easy connectivity along with the voice prompts and really long battery makes the portable Bluetooth speaker an optimum choice.


10 best portable bluetooth speakers

Photo: JBL

A very popular choice among the people who want a bluetooth speaker is the pulse 2 which has long cylindrical shape and obviously the most mesmerizing feature is the light show which illuminates according to the color of your choice and brings the music experience to a whole new level completely.

The splash proof design gives the speaker durability and the high quality stereo sound alongside with the 6000 mAh battery allows you to listen to your favorite music for hours and hours and in the best way possible.

4. Jabra Solemate Max

jabra solemate max best bluetooth speakers

Photo: Jabra

A very unique design when it comes to its competitions and also a load of features and options is included in this compact speaker,You can use the speaker outside as it is rugged and is Splashproof and shock proof and has a rubberized sole.

With 4 front facing speakers you can expect a really Loud sound with good bass due to the woofers and one can even charge their phones while they play music on it via the AUX cable when not playing through Bluetooth mode.

3. Sony SRS-X11 Compact Speaker

Top 10 Portable and Compact Wireless Bluetooth Speakers 2017

Photo: Sony

A cube shaped wireless speaker from Sony which delivers on sound and style at the same time,you can use either  NFC or Bluetooth to connect to the X11 cube easily and you can even take phone calls with low distortion and clear audio being one of the main features of this speaker.

The really lightweight design houses 2 passive radiators and hence the bass generated is quite good and Punchy. Available in many colors and with a long battery life which can be charged with the USB is a great little audio device.



top wireless compact speakers

Photo: JBL

A definite and a better upgrade to its predecessor the Flip 2 is much more equipped and packs more power,With the Bluetooth, NFC and aux connectivity options you will be able to connect this portable Bluetooth speaker to any device.

The speaker boasts two 40 mm drivers to provide you with excellent bass reproduction and the Soundclear technology allows better noise cancellation while taking calls and bass port makes sure that the sound does not get distorted when volumes are maxed out.The sleek and compact speaker will surely turn some heads
and blow some minds.

1. Ultimate Ears UE ROLL 2 Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

the top 10 portable bluetooth speakers

Photo: UltimateEars

An absolute winner is the UE roll 2 which is really small and a compact bluetooth speaker and is completely waterproof so you can easily take it swimming with you,the range is a 100 ft which allows it to be connected perfectly to your device and a bungee cord is included as well which can be used to tie it around your backpack,bike,shower etc.

With an extremely lightweight design it is extremely loud with crisp sounds and you can also use the mobile app to pair two UE’s and increase the sound as well,hence this stylish,powerful and affordable gadget is surely one of the best choices for you.

I’m sure That all of you music lovers must have made up your mind for as to which Bluetooth speaker you are going for after reading our list which we put together after a lot of research to select the best from the market for you.
So if you have any Questions drop a comment and we would love to answer them.

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