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Top 5 Curved Led Tv’s you can buy in 2017 | Pro’s and Con’s of Curved Tv

There has been a lot of talk about new technology in the world of tech and one of the things which really excited everyone was the Curved TV’s.

The prospect of having a TV which is bent really surprised people and had them wondering whether or not this will fare in the world or maybe will it be even easily accepted.

Thankfully it has been quite some time since the advent of curved led’s had been launched in the market and the consumers welcomed them with open arms and were able to adapt to them quite easily,

curved led tv top 5

Well why wouldn’t people like it for starters they aren’t just a piece of glass which is bent for display purposes or just to make things look cool infact they are highly engineered LED’s which are able to improve the colors ,contrasts and the viewing angles to provide the user with a completely new television experience and also they look cool sitting in your living room.

Let us guess all this intro and the pep talk about these futuristic gadgets has got you excited isn’t it and obviously you are even looking to purchase a new one but are not exactly sure which one you should go for,


curved led tv's


So we have compiled a list of the top 5 curved LED Tv’s which you can buy now in 2017

But just before that you should know what these type of televisions are and what so good about them and what are the drawbacks.

Curved Televisions Pros’s and the Con’s


  • Viewing angles: You must be thinking that since it is curved the person sitting on the far end corner of the room wont be able to see much but infact you are mistaken as the 4k Curved TV’s provide a wider angle and a much vaster view point.
  •  Contrast: The top end Curved TV’s and even the basic ones offer crisp contrast due to the fact the manufacturing process of the product is different from the regular flat led’s and more technology goes in under the hood of the product which provide deeper and sharper contrast to them and sometimes more than twice to that of normal led’s.
  •  Depth and Immersion: The immersiveness is one of the major selling points  as the person viewing the television does really experience the full imagery with a wrapping around sorts of feeling when viewing from a nearby perpendicular distance hence hands down the technologies used by giants such as Samsung and LG which use OLED and 4k technology give an immersive viewing experience.


  • Reflections: The placement of the television has to be very important whether it is in your living room or in the bedroom as the reflections of external lights seem to magnify and disturb the colors hence if it is kept or mounted where no sunlight can hit it or some other lights then you are good to go.
  •  Constraints on viewability: A person which is sitting at a further distance from the center point if the television will have a less satisfaction when viewing the television than the person sitting right in front of it.
  •  A bit more space: When you think about a flat screen TV we know that we can mount them up anywhere or just stick em up in a small compact space but such is not the case with a curved ones as the sides of the TV will obviously bulge out from the device and mounting them has to be carefully done to not hinder from the surrounding pieces of hardware.



The Countdown of the best 5 Curved TV


5. Samsung UN55KU6500 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

best curved tv 2017 Samsung UN55KU6500

Photo: Samsung

This gadget from Samsung is a brilliant Curved TV with UHD technology which promises 3-4 times sharper pictures with stunning display.It is a smart device so yeah you can enjoy the likes of streaming and the internet on it easily along with connectivity options such as 3 x HDMI ports and 2 USB slots to connect your gaming console or stick in a USB drive.

The smart television can easily connect to WiFi and media can be played through WiFi direct and the navigation is possible with the help of the smart remote which has a track pad in it which offers the user to easily browse through live media or connected media,since the device has 4k UHD technology the pictures and the visuals come out strikingly brilliant with the TV enhancing and processing the images to provide a better contrast and depth as a whole.


4. Samsung UN65KS9800 Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV

Samsung UN65KS9800 Curved tv

Photo: Samsung

Among the 9 series this is one of the highly popular and one of the best looking televisions and to top that off it has SUHD quantum dot color feature which sparks up the screen with a billion or more colors than the usual HD TV out there.

The UI is well layed out which can be controlled with the smart remote provided and the blacks are richer and deeper due to the triple black technology,since it uses back-light illumination the pictures come out much brighter and have more details in them.The image flicker rate is low hence the flow of the images are smoother and with the help of the front firing speakers you can be sure that you may feel like you are part of the movie which is being watched on it.The 4k device has a quad core processor to help sharpen the images and the colors and since is a smart device it can be connected to the WiFi and smart hub and streaming portals such as Netflix and more can be easily accessed.


3. Samsung UN55JS9000 Curved 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV

top curved led tv Samsung UN55JS9000

Photo: Samsung

If you want a TV which gives out really bright displays and has a really sharp color contrast along with good viewing angles then this device will suit as it has a Octa core processor which renders the images up-to 4 times when compared to a HD television hence because of this the images come out neater and with pristine depth.

The remote can be used to speak voice commands into it and also can be used for a point and click feature to compliment the smart functionalities to browse the internet or navigate.You can also connect your smartphone easily to the Curved TV and media can be easily played on the television.Since the blacks of the device are brilliant along with really good led brightness thus this is great for gaming and for watching movies.


2. Samsung QN65Q8C Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart QLED TV

top 5 curved tv Samsung QN65Q8C

Photo: Samsung

Among the lot of devices out there this is like a white horse and is one the newest inclusion in the product lineups and packs some real punch in the advancements of technology.The QLED TV has a stunning display with Samsung’s own quantum dot technology being used on it and the curved back has a metal finish which makes it a very good looking product.

Say No to washed out and faded colors as every pixel is illuminated with bright colors and striking contrast.It mounts on the wall easily almost like a flat television by leaving very less gap between it and the wall also the ugly connection of cables are taken care by the invisible connection which provides a clean single point connectivity to make the overall setting look neater.The smart hub can be accessed and controlled by your smartphone and the remote can be used easily to control the Curved TV and it recognizes the externally connected devices which have been connected to it via the port easily and instantly.


1. LG  OLED65C6P Curved 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD TV

top 5 curved led tv OLED65C6P

Photo: LG

At the primary spot is the LG OLED65C6P which is OLED TV and has high dynamic range (HDR) picture which processes the images individually to give a deeper color quality which means that black looks more black and the reds seem redder.Since the masterpiece comes with Dolby vision you can easily view the movies like how the director or the filmmaker wanted you to see it,the Dolby vision enhances the overall viewing experience and gives a cinematic feel.The 4k resolution makes the television provide a full and an immersive home theater feel and the angles on this product give the user the freedom to enjoy his favorite movies or shows from anywhere in the room.

One of the great features of the television is its sound quality as the speakers are made by Harman kardon which are a well known and a really renowned brand in the audio industry so the audio is crisp and loud on the device along with the smart WebOS which is a proprietary LG UI designed to provide the TV its smart features and the streaming of content as well as online gaming will be quite an enjoyable experience and the mobile devices can also be easily connected to it.


So this was our compilation of the top 5 Curved tv’s which you can buy,we hope that we helped you in choosing your next eye catcher as all of these are brilliant pieces of technology.

We will keep updating this post from time to time and more Listicles like this are being made for you to enjoy,so browse through our website and enjoy.


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