Canon EOS 200D review, best DSLR for beginners

Canon EOS 200D Review | Entry Level DSLR for Beginners

Canon EOS 200D

Canon EOS 200D


8.6 /10


8.7 /10

Imaging and Lens

8.0 /10

Features and Modes

8.2 /10


  • Compact and Easy to Carry Around
  • Vari-Angled Lens
  • Wifi, NFC and Bluetooth


  • No 4K
  • Just 9 AF Points for Focus

When trying your hand at photography we always want to upgrade to a better camera but doing so costs lots of money thus behold the Canon EOS 200D which is medium priced DSLR camera which was recently released by the company to fill the gap between the really cheap and low cost products and also the very expensive professional type devices which are very expensive  to own for most of us.

keep reading as we find out the various features and improvements


Design is Small and is Very Portable

Canon EOS 200D was released as the successor to the EOS 100D which was introduced to the markets almost 4 years ago and quickly became a very popular and a sought after camera for newbies.

The new device from Canon is one of the smallest digital DSLR you can buy right now and thus it makes it easy to carry around,there have been few tweaks and changes from the previous model in the 200D like the grip has been improved and people with large hands can also be able to hold the camera comfortably.

Canon EOS 200D review and verdict

Photo: Canon

It is available in 3 colors which are the white,silver, and the black well you can choose any color which you prefer but the inclusion of these vibrant and flashy colors make it really youth centric.

The device has a matte finish and a plastic fiber finish to the body which is surely nothing compared to the higher end models but does feel solid and can withstand few bumps and scratches along the way.

Canon EOS 200D review

There is a viewfinder on the back of the camera with a display situated right below it which we talk about below,we have a built in flash pop up on the top with a mic on the side of the device.

The top part has the control buttons like the metal powershot button for quick access to the movie mode which used to be plastic on in the 100D is been changed to a metal finished dial,on the left side of the camera is a dedicated WiFi button for quick connectivity and on the top right we have an exposure dial with a toggle button for the movie modes thus a lot of controls have been given to the photographer to fully utilize the camera and personalize the shot.


Touchscreen Display

Canon has provided a 3 inch screen which is fully touchscreen and can be flipped out for tighter shots and for difficult movie shooting sequences,the fully articulated screen makes this camera stand out and is made for people which like to take shots from difficult angles and thus the vari angled display helps in this process.

Canon EOS 200D review front with screen

Photo: Canon

There is small space cut out above the LCD screen so that you can easily pull out the screen,the screen is bright with the touch gestures being easily recognized also the interface provides an animated and intuitive menu.


Image Quality and Camera Performance

We previously in other reviews talked about how the entry level camera’s were excluded from some basic features but the Canon EOS 200D seems to have been incorporated withe newest and the best technology by Canon as it runs on the DIGIC 7 processor which gives it quick performance and processing.

The 24 megapixel camera allows you to record videos at 1080p resolution, also the images come out clean and of high quality with the help of the EF-S 18-55mm f4 IS STM Lens.

A really amazing inclusion in the camera was the Dual Pixel CMOS AF which helps it focus easily and regain focus on the subject,thankfully Canon did not downgrade to lower quality processor and decided to stick with what it uses in its higher models.

Canon EOS 200D review front with flash

Since the camera does not provide stabilization and can be understood keeping in mind that it is an entry level DSLR thus a lens with in built optical stabilization will certainly improve the quality.

The viewfinder can be easily used to focus in on a still and has 9 Focus points for you to take good photos,the display can also be used and different settings can be easily tweaked like the exposure, white balance etc.

There are many modes which usually come with the rest of the canon devices like the creative filters which allow you to choose from 10 different and unique filters which you can apply for your photos or videos.

There is a silent shutter mode which tends to make the camera slightly low on volume when capturing a shot and the live view mode which helps track a person and also features face recognition,unfortunately you cannot shoot 4K videos on the gadget but it can record 1080 full HD videos at 60 fps and is decent enough.


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Finally we would like to say that the Canon EOS 200D is awesome for people who are just making a transition to a DSLR or trying out professional photography and is brilliant for Vloggers as it has a mic and is durable and small enough to carry around anywhere and connectivity features such as Bluetooth ,WiFi and NFC allow the user to easily upload and store the media they have recorded which makes this a really power packed camera.

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