canon ixus 190 review

Canon IXUS 190 Digital Camera Review:Features,Ratings,specifications

Canon IXUS 190 Digital Camera

Canon IXUS 190 Digital Camera


8.7 /10


8.0 /10

Imaging and Lens

9.0 /10

Features and modes

9.5 /10


  • Connectivity
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  • Multiple Features
  • Design and Portability


  • Display Screen

Canon is a major player when it comes to building and manufacturing camera and camera accessories,They have paved their way to good authority and dominance when it comes to the world and market of cameras,Lets find out what the new Canon IXUS 190 which the company has build and added to its large arsenal of cameras is offering us.

Lets check out the features,specifications and the major Talking  points of the new Canon IXUS 190

Key Specification 

  • Camera Dimension: 2.4 x 9.5 x 5.7 cm
  • Screen size: 2.7 inches
  • Optical Zoom: 10 x
  • Horizontal & Vertical Resolution: 1280 Pixels(horizontal) 3864 Pixels(vertical)
  • 20 Megapixel CCD imager
  • 10 x Optical Zoom
  •  Multitude of connectivity options(Wifi,NFC Direct)


Now Lets dive right into the Design, Display and much more


The IXUS 190 camera is a pretty lightweight and very slim camera,it a compact yet very sturdy digital camera and rather looks stylish ,it can be easily fit into the pocket and is portable,The dimensions of the device are 2.4 x 9.5 x 5.7 cm which shows that it is pretty rounded and built to be carried around.

This camera is one of the slimmest camera built in the IXUS range,the shutter button is on the top of the camera with the on/off button also located in the top part of the device,the battery slot is at the bottom of the device and the screen is at the back of the device with the necessary menu and function sets button placed at the right of the device in a typical canon fashion,The device looks sleek and stylish and is rather well built.


The device boasts a 2.7 inch display on the back of the camera situated slightly to the left henceforth to accommodate the function buttons,the display of the camera is normal with approx 230,000 dot pixels which is pretty decent and works quite well and can be used easily in the outdoor conditions while shooting your memorable moments,the monitor is an LCD monitor which is the fashion these days in most of the digital camera’s.The aspect ratio of the display is 4:3 which is usually the standard and hence videos shot or the photos clicked can be easily viewed from the display quite easily.

Canon Ixus 190 review



The lens of the camera are of 20 megapixels and the very powerful CCD imager which helps in the processing of the image,well talking about processor the canon has a digic 4+ processor which gives it its amazing imaging and quality.

The optical zoom on this thing is 10 x which is a great feature with intelligent image stabilization to ensure that you don’t get shaky disappointing shots when clicking those important images.There obviously is auto focus and the auto zoom selects the best frame for your shots depending on the surrounding.

You can also lock down the button on the Canon IXUS 190 with the easy auto feature which prevents unnecessary operations and mistaken pressing of the buttons of the camera and the auto mode feature can easily select the best camera settings without you going through all the settings,One can shoot videos in 720p HD and the camera delivers crisp imagery with high quality.


There are many great features that come along with this device,the user can easily add a time stamp to the images he/she takes and hence the accessibility of the images can be thus easy when going back and looking through the images,the user can tweak the settings of the camera using the functions buttons given on the back of the camera just beside the display or can simply rely on the auto mode to select the best images.

One of the great features about the Canon IXUS 190 is the addition of WiFi capabilities and also NFC which is a great thing and helps in connectivity and the user can easily connect to a smart device or you phone with the camera connect app and directly upload on social media sites without the hassle of connecting the device to your PC or migrating the memory card to download your images and videos.

canon ixus 190 review



The Canon IXUS 190 is a great compact and a stylish device with great features and delivers crisp and good quality images with a load of connectivity features for the social media savvy folks and as well as portability benefits,the videos can be taken with a click of a button and also the time stamp feature is great,overall this device is a great point and shoot and packs a lot of features.


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