iBall Exemplaire CompBook review

iBall Exemplaire CompBook Review:Mix Between Smartphone and Tablet

iBall Exemplaire CompBook

iBall Exemplaire CompBook


7.5 /10


7.0 /10

Storage and Memory

6.1 /10


6.6 /10


7.7 /10


  • Battery
  • Affordable
  • Keyboard and touchpad
  • Windows 10 OS


  • Storage
  • Body strength
  • USB 3.0 missing

The trend right as of now seems to be to make affordable and budget laptop PC’s for the people who want to transition to a laptop or don’t want to splash some serious cash into buying a powerhouse of a device.iBall seems to have gotten into this game with the addition of the iBall exemplaire CompBook which is a slim and a stylish 14 inch laptop and surely does turn heads when looked at for the first time.

What Are the Features and Specifications of the iBall exemplaire CompBook



To start things off lets just say it is one of the thinnest devices out there and even gives the thinnest of the thinnest ultra books a run for their money when it comes to its form factor ,with a weight of just 1.46 kg this is really light and offers portability to its fullest,the device does not seem cheaply built and feels sturdy but slight flimsy but you cant expect a completely compact and well built device with a price point like on this device.iBall Exemplaire CompBook review

Photo: iBall

The company have given the device a brown color and the track pad as well as the keyboard are black with a traditional red i ball type button on the keyboard,there are 2 USB ports and a mini HDMI in accompanied with headphone jack and a power socket input.The speakers are on the bottom of the device and the device as a whole feels rather neat and stylish and the screen display resolution is commendable with a resolution of 1366 x 768 .


iBall Exemplaire CompBook  PERFORMANCE

The device is powered by an Intel atom processor which is a quad core processor to ensure the maximum power which can be given and delivered to the customer at such a price point,the device uses flash storage and has an internal ram of 2 GB which is quite decent and does get the job done,although the atom processor has been losing its mark day by day as it gets older but it always delivers on the tasks and performance.iBall Exemplaire CompBook review

Photo: iBall

The device comes with windows 10 pre installed which is a boon and one can expect full functionalities of the operating system from it,it also has integrated graphics for better multimedia experience and multitasking,but you really cant push the device and run high end games or open up multiple applications at one go without experiencing substantial slow down of the performance.



As mentioned before the laptop is shipped with an internal memory of 32 GB which is inclusive of the windows 10 software and other different types of software which is pre installed but the good thing is that those can be removed to make way for more space or free up some more space.

Moreover the storage can be increased to 64 GB with the help of the micro SD slot which is provided and also the different ports can be used to connect an external drive to increase the memory .The device comes with 2 GB internal ram with the memory technology of DDR3 which is not as good in read/write but the difference is quite unnoticeable,overall we feel that the storage is pretty weak on the device and could have been worked on.



The no of connectivity options provided in iBall Exemplaire CompBook  are:

  • 2x USB 2.0 Ports are present
  • WiFi functionality is available
  • Bluetooth connectivity is given
  •  1x micro SD slot
  • VGA webcam for video calling
  •  Headphone jack is present

iBall Exemplaire CompBook review

Photo: iBall


Battery is a plus point on this device and it comes with a gigantic 10000 mAh battery which is a Li polymer battery and provides the functionality to the device.

The battery gives the device power to function the entire day without any issue whether it may be slight browsing or simple MS office tasks,the battery surely does seem to perform this well because of the lack of many components which are required to power up this device and hence seems to work perfectly well with its environment.

IBall Exemplaire CompBook review

Photo:  iBall


The iBall Exemplaire CompBook is a new segment or an new kind of a niche which has been created between the likes of a budget smartphone or a tablet,hence you can easily even purchase a laptop at such price points,obviously this device does not offer the ultimate PC experience but it surely does not disappoint as well and simple college or office tasks can be performed on this device with a stylish build and a  good battery backup to last a long day.

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