Lenovo 80E503G2IH i3 laptop

Lenovo 80E503G2IH 15.6-inch Laptop Core i3 Review and Specifications

Lenovo 80E503G2IH 15.6-inch Laptop i3

Lenovo 80E503G2IH 15.6-inch Laptop i3


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Lenovo is a dominant player in the market of making laptops and they make really good and powerful machines which appeal to the people and are usually a good value for money,another one of those laptops which the company released is the Lenovo 80E503G2IH 15.6-inch Core i3 Laptop which is a 2 GHz Intel core i3 processor computer with a DDR3 RAM and 1 TB Hard drive.

Lets find out more about this laptop and analyze the Power,Battery and Functionalities

The Design and the Make

The laptop is a 15.6 inch display laptop with a resolution of which is pretty good and watching high quality videos is easy,the device itself weighs in at 2.5 kilograms and is not the lightest of the bunch but not so heavy also and can be carried easily in a laptop bag or carried around in your arms.

The laptop is a matte finish which surely gives it a premium feel and look but is not so sturdy as it is mostly built with the help of plastic and may not survive a fall,the battery is placed at the rear and can be removed easily and is tightly put in placed with a hinge.

The ports are at the either side of the Lenovo 80E503G2IH and it also consist of a DVD-drive which can be used to insert disc drives,overall it a has a slim and sleek form factor and can be easily carried around in a laptop bag and can be handled roughly till an extent.

Is the Performance upto the mark?

The Lenovo Laptop is powered by  a 4 GB DDR3l RAM processor which was clocked in at 2 GHz speed and is pretty powerful and can perform multitasking and also few good or high quality games.

There is no lag experience and all the applications seem to run smoothly,though it gets heated up once in a while after prolonged usage but i guess that is fine as it does not pose as a great threat.

It is a core i3 processor hence you cant expect it to outperform the i 5 and i 7 but it gets the job done very decently without actually allowing the user to experience major setbacks or troubles in processing power just because it has an i3 core processor with 1 TB hard disc and 4 GB ram.

Connectivity options and ports Provided

There are multiple ports and options for connectivity on the 15.6 inch Laptop

  • There are 2 x USB 2.0 Ports
  • There are 1 x USB 3.o Ports
  • An optical drive is present 
  • An Ethernet Port is present
  • 1 x HDMI Port
  • A 720 p HD webcam
  • Bluetooth for data transfer

The Juice or the Battery Power

The core i3 Laptop computer is equipped with a four cell battery which performs above average and provides an average up-time of about 4 average hours depending on your power consumption and usage after a full charge,It is a fairly decent battery and gives the juice to power its powerful components.

How about the Memory in the Laptop and the Storage Options

The Device comes with a 1 TB HDD drive for storage which is sufficient and does provide enough storage for you to store your favorite movies files and music with some little space remaining.

Also you can easily use one of the given ports to expand your storage option by connecting an external drive to store your files on the Lenovo 80E503G2IH and save up on internal memory as for many individuals 1 TB of storage may not actually be enough.

The read and write rates of this HDD are good and do a good job,The RAM frequency of the memory and the storage disks RPM provide a harmonious balance of power and memory and hence it does does well in this area with a nice performing 4 GB of RAM which is capable of handling its cache and the various multitasking threads which carry out processes at a single instance.


This Lenovo 80E503G2IH is a brilliant device with some good sturdy hardware and some power packed features like storage of 1 TB and a fairly reliable processing capabilities and some really good connectivity options and will really do most of your work with ease and without an issue and provide decent performance with some stylish looks as well.

Hence this device is recommended to anyone who wants to get their office work done or a college student but not for those who want to do heavy video rendering or solely a gaming laptop as it will not be able to handle it.

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Lenovo 80E503G2IH 15.6-inch Laptop i3
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