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Apple iPhone 8 Iphone X Launched – Everything you need to Know

Today marks the 10th anniversary of the Apple iphone which had come into the market and revolutionized the mobile market for ever and similarly apple wanted to make things special on their anniversary by launching not one but 3 products namely iphone 8, iphone 8 Plus and most importantly the Apple iphone X

Things started off with the series 3 Apple watch which got the much needed cellular functionality and was incorporated with GPS,swimproof and also Watch OS4.

apple watch series 3

After which Tim cook turned his attention towards the TV which had been lagging behind in terms of its other products and really needed a push so they released the new Apple TV 4K with a new A10x processor and the new TV OS so we can watch HDR content quite nicely on the itunes.

apple TV 4K

Apple iPhone 8 and 8 Plus specifications, Features and Price

Now came the moment for which the entire world had been waiting for which was the iphone, Tim came back on stage an started off by going down the memory lane and telling how revolutionary it was when steve jobs launched the first generation touch screen device after which he turned over the stage to philip schiller to announce the iphone 8.

apple iphone launch

The new iphone 8 and 8 plus was displayed on the screen and looked very much similar to the 7 to be honest.

There is glass both on the front and on the back of the device,made from aerospace grade aluminum and the glass has been strengthened with steel for extra protection.

It comes in the 4.7 inch model and the plus version comes at a 5.5 inch version,the screen received some upgrade with the true tone display which adjusts itself to the ambient light ,oh yeah both the devices are sealed and are waterproof as well,so far its okay but what more can you offer apple?

apple iphone 8

Then things started escalating in terms of specifications,the new iphone has speakers both on the top and the bottom and is 25 % louder than the previous smartphone.

apple iphone 8

Now talking about the hardware in terms of chipset iphone 8 has an all new A11 bionic chip and most certainly is the most advanced chip ever made by the company as it has six CPU cores ,64 bit design and is 70% faster than the A10 chip in terms of efficiency and also 70 %faster when it comes to multi-threading of different tasks or multitasking also a apple designed GPU core is present as well as an ISP.

apple A11 bionic chip

The biggest advantage of having so much power apart from performance is the ability to shoot really beautiful photos which gets us to the camera part.

The new A11 bionic chip has a better image processor,improved noise reduction and light autofocus,Due to the new image sensor the user can shoot in depth photos with deeper pixels as well as state of the art image stabilization.

Taking care of all this photography are the Dual 12 megapixel cameras on the front and on the back,so far it seems that apple didnt plan much for this event but wait there is much more below.

The camera specs are obviously better and there is something called as portrait lightning which senses the depth in real time and adjust the lightning like in a professional photo shoot.

apple iphone portrait lightning



Philip schiller stressed that it those are not filters and can be applied real time according to the lightning condition needed and i must say that it looks really cool.

Also the new iphone 8 has the best video capture rate ever in a smartphone made with it shooting videos at 4K 60 fps and also slo-mo videos at 1080p 240 fps making it a feature to be played with more and more.

apple iphone 8 camera

Also something which blew our minds were that these cameras are calibrated for Ar which is augment reality and the A11 chip works along with the camera to provide a whole new experience so to demonstrate it apple showcased some cool apps and games which uses AR and renders them so you can play with people inside the room or even use a table as a battlefield,using the new iphone one can just point at a player on a sports event and check his stats real time or just simply point it at the sky and see actual constellations thus making it a fun feature.

apple iphone 8

And finally something which we all really wanted was the wireless charging feature and yes apple gave it to us,tim cook revealed that the iphone 8 has LTE Advanced, BT 5.0. And a glass back for wireless charging and lots of wireless accessories will be available using the Qi standard and apple will sell belkin and mophie charging pads in their stores as well.

iphone 8 wireless charging


The iphone 8 and 8 Plus will be available with 2 storage options namely the 64 GB at $699 and the 256 Gb and the preorders will start on september 15th.


Apple iPhone X Full Specifications , Face id , Wirelesss charging and Performance, Display

You think apple is done,wait there’s more and they have been saving the best for the last.

Apple iPhone X

Yup you guessed it right its the new iphone X about which the technology world was ripe with rumors and there were thousands of leaked images as well as reports.

Let me start of by saying that it is beautiful and is a piece of art and i have personally never seen anything as extravagant and elegant as something like this.


The iphone X has and edge to edge display and looks like the screen just bends into the curves making it more magical at the same time.

There is glass on the front as well as at the back also similar to the iphone 8 it is water and dustproof,it is available in 2 colors namely,space grey and silver.

apple iPhone X

But wait where is the home button,they have seemed to have gotten rid of the home button and the fingerprint sensor as well to accommodate the giant screen.

The screen sports a vibrant super retina display with 458 PPI which is the highest pixel density on a phone.

apple iPhone X super retina display

The screen is an OLED type with greater resolution,colors,brightness,accuracy and thinness.

3D tone is directly integrated on the iphoneX and has true tone as well,to wake up the phone simply tap the phone and to go back to the home screen gently swipe from the bottom to the top,to access the apps tray just pause in between when swiping from the bottom,talking to siri is possible by long pressing the power button which has become a lot bigger.

I mean apple has put a lot of though in the iphone X and redesigned it to a whole new level.

Apple pulled out the big guns on a new feature called the Face id which made my jaws drop in awe as you can now easily unlock your phone with just looking at it.

apple iphone X face id

A small little black bar sits on top of the screen and it houses the true depth camera system IR camera, floor illuminator, dot projector all in the front camera section which sense every aspect of your face and allow you to unlock your phone even in darkness.

true depth camera system

We will also be able to make apple pay payments easily as it is more secure than the biometric fingerprint.

It works by projecting 30 k dots on our face by the IR and the cameras checks with the already stored facial image of you on the system and thus allowing access to the phone.

The A11 bionic chip has a neural engine which helps in machine learning and the iphone X can learn you face with time and can recognize you even with different hairstyles,the engineers worked hard so that the true depth camera system cannot be fooled with a photo of a person as it requires attention to unlock the phone hence making it a 1 in a million chance that some random person will be able to unlock your phone.

apple iphone 8 face id

They introduced something called as ANIMOJI which uses the camera’s tracking function to enable you to enact or play around with your favorite emoji from right in the apple messages.

The snapchat filters look amazing and most certainly it opens new doors to facial tracking software’s and apps.

Using the web or watching videos as well as playing games give a whole new experience to the user.

Now back to the cameras,the iphone X also has a dual 12 mp camera, f1.8 and 2.4 on the telephoto. Dual OIS, and better image stabilization with a Quad-LED TrueTone flash.

apple iphone 8 camera


A great feature is that you can use the functionality of the portrait lightning with even the selfie camera on the X.

This also houses the A11 bionic chip and the battery life has been given a boost of 2 hours from the previous model.

Apple wants to revolutionize the charging mat with them calling it as Airpower with which you can simultaneously charge your series 3 watch,airpods and the iphone X at the same time.


Thus the smartphone is available at a 64 GB at $999 and 256 GB model with preorders starting from october 27th.

Thus this concludes the apple event at which they launched a lot of brand new gadgets and the iPhoneX being the best.

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