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OnePlus 5 Review: Versatile Performance with Improved Camera

OnePlus 5

OnePlus 5


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  • Camera
  • Battery Life


  • Lacks 4K Display
  • No Expandable Storage

The last time OnePlus released a phone it was the 3T which surely blew up in the market and was determined to be one of the best phones be launched last year.

All the People and fanatics were excited about the company’s new flagship model and what they were about to present to the world this time,hence they came up with the new OnePlus 5 which had a change in design,not much but still was visible,and packed some more features and firepower under its hood.

We decided to review this new mid range phone and distinguish its main points as well as its weaknesses.

A Curved Design With Rounded Edges

Even before the phone was launched people had gotten a glimpse of the changed design due to the leak of the images which happened online,hence people were anticipating a new design of the phone completely,But when it was launched we saw that only a new and slight variation was made to the design of the phone by making it more curved than the previous models which obviously made the device thin as it has thickness of just 7.25 mm which is the thinnest one plus phone yet.

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Photo: OnePlus

Also the the entire body of the OnePlus 5 is built from aluminium which gives it a very elegant look and makes it good to hold and use ,The back of the phone reminds us of the iphone 7 and seems very similar if seen from a distance.

The back has a dual camera with an LED flash attached to the right and the bottom of the device has the horizontal antenna band which was usually visible on the previous devices,Talking about the inputs buttons and ports we have the Type-C charger port on the bottom and the usual power button on the left with the volume rocker and the alert slider button to the phones left.

Equipped With An Extremely Powerful Camera

One of the great features and the major selling point is the camera on which the company focused hard and was able to upgrade the camera from its previous models which didn’t fare so well when compared to other similar mobiles.

Well on this phone there are two cameras one which is a 16 megapixel camera and the second is the 20 megapixel telephoto lens both of which work pretty well and do their job according to the environment in which the photo is to be taken,You can easily switch between the lenses via the simple UI of the Camera app which has been previously seen on past devices.

oneplus 5 review camera

Photo: OnePlus

The photos taken by the OnePlus5 are excellent and works very well in the low light conditions and the images come out to be sharper and clearer.

One can easily zoom up-to 8 x and still get clear photos and the second 20 megapixel lens works efficiently in the Portrait mode in which it blurs down your background to give a more professional type shot but disappointingly the Optical Stabilization was missing from this phone and was rather surprising as well.Focus and automatic optimization of the images is easily achieved on the gadget and has a wide aperture of 1.7 for better Quality.

Sharp And Full HD Screen

The OnePlus 5 has a 5.5 inch display which is an AMOLED display and is pretty clear and sharp,the touch inputs are recognized easily unlike the previous models which had some latency issue with them and the display is full HD resolution as well but we would have surely loved to see a 4K display on the device.

review of the oneplus 5 screen

It does look great with features like reading mode which cancel out the blue light produced and gives a relaxing and soothing viewing feel to it,Watching high quality movies or playing games can be quite a pleasant experience.

The phone offers 3 different color modes like standard,sRGB and DCIP3 to choose from and light sensor helps in adjusting the brightness.

No Compromise When It Comes To Performance

Since the early days of this company they have focused on providing a strong processor and to give the user snappy performance at a very reasonable price,the same concept applies to the OnePlus 5 which has Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor inside of it which powers the mobile handset.

It performs really fast whether if you are playing high graphic games or running multiple applications at the same time,the Octa core processor gives it fluid performance.

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Photo: OnePlus

The phone comes in two varieties and you can choose between either 6 GB ram or 8 GB ram version and the memory storage of the device can either be selected between 64 GB or 128 GB which is more than enough for any person and gives flexibility to install and use a lot of Apps.

However the report by XDA developers states that the mobile deliberately manipulates scores when passed through different benchmarking tests but we wouldn’t pay much attention to that as the device actually performs like a beast on most terms.

The phone runs the oxygen OS on top of the android nougat which is able to give it a fresh and a minimalist look,Also the phone is very much customizable through the settings menu and can be configured according to ones preference.

Sufficient Battery life with Quick Charging

As we earlier mentioned the Type-C charging port is provided in the bottom of the device,So whats this gotta do with battery life? A lot actually because the cell phone uses a feature called as the Dash Charge which rapidly charges up your device to give you a solid battery backup of about a day in almost a charging period of half an hour to 45 mins which is amazing.

The device has a 3300 mAh battery which is obviously non removable like the one we had seen during the review of the OnePlus 3T and also its 100 mAh lesser than the 3T but the processor seems to be able to provide good efficiency and is able to detect automatically about which apps are using up more energy and draining the phone’s battery.

Why Should You Consider Buying The new OnePlus 5

The new flagship phone from OnePlus is certainly a noticeable enhancement to the previous phone and surely is snappier in terms of performance and processor capabilities too.

One of the biggest and the best qualities about this mobile phone is the camera which is a dual lens camera and surely is able to capture every detail in high quality .

The design received a small boost in terms of ergonomics and handling which made the device more sleek and better to hold therefore with crisp and full HD display and a long lasting battery life along with the fingerprint sensor the new and affordable OnePlus 5 is surely one of the best phones available in the market.

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