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Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro Review – Remarkably slim and a fast all rounder

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro

Samsung Galaxy C7 Pro


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Among the newest inclusion in its vast lineup of phones Samsung released the Galaxy c7 pro which is a new smartphone in its C series which comes with a 5.7 inch full HD screen and is running the android marshmallow version as its OS.

It was a fresh new release as it looks pretty different from the regular type android devices which Samsung launches and boasts a variety of features.

We know that we have got you excited and honestly this phones really surprised us too,So we decided to review it and find out what is so appealing about this phone and how is it different among the other devices which we have reviewed like the OnePlus 3T in its mid price range segment and whether it beats them or not.

Main Features and the Highlights of the Product


Lets start of things by jumping in the most visual aspect of a mobile phone which is how does it actually look like,

A Unibody and a Slim Design

At first glance when you look at the Galaxy c7 pro it gives you a classy and a premium feel as it is built out of solid piece of aluminium which is very sturdy and is as it is very thin at just 7mm which is slim and does give it a unique look mostly because of a curved body around its edges.

The device is barely visible when viewed from the side due to its lean for factor,the back of the C7 Pro has been given a brushed antenna markings in form of long lines which are at the very bottom and above the camera of the phone with the camera situated at the top middle of the device and flash situated on the right side of the lens.

the back and rear of the galaxy c7 pro

Photo : Samsung

The side of the phone hosts the buttons as the left side contains the volume rockers and the right side has the power button with micro sim slot below it.

The front of the Samsung smartphone has a 5.7 inch display as previously mentioned which covers almost all the surface area of the device with the proximity sensors and notification Led situated right alongside with it and the mobile also has a fingerprint sensor which is housed on the home button itself in the middle of the 2 Capacitative buttons.

A marvelous Display with Rich Colors

When talking about the display of the device we have to say that it is a beautiful display which has 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution which clearly states that it is a full HD display And it surely looks elegant and is great display to look at.

The screen is a full hd sAmoled screen by Samsung and is one of the best screens around in the market as the color quality on the Galaxy c7 pro is deep and visually striking whether you are playing high resolution games or are watching some really good HD movies,it will surely provide you a great experience.

The device has a 5.7 inch display on the front and it takes up most of the design and Samsung has tried to go with the trend of bezel less display’s hence they have significantly reduced the borders between the display and the side and also since the side is curved it looks like a full body screen.

Long lasting battery Life

Under the body of the device a 3300 mAh battery is given with a type C Charger port as it has become the standard nowadays for any new released phone with the Galaxy c7 pro getting charged in almost 80 min to 100 mins it was really an impressive factor and the mobile can be used extensively for many hours under just one full charge.

The mobile can be put into a power saving mode which will cut down on performance and also increase battery life and also an advanced feature like power planning which limits the power when reached a specific percentage so that some amount of energy is left back on the device just to make calls.

Multitasking is not an issue on This Fast Processor

If you are a gaming enthusiast or maybe a person who uses his phone for most of his work and does a lot of browsing or likes to run heavy applications on a smartphone don’t worry as the Galaxy c7 pro will take care of it without an issue or any lag.

The product is shipped with a 4 GB ram which takes care of its processing capabilities and makes it a snappy and a quick mobile device.

The 2.2 Ghz snapdragon Octa core processor makes sure that you will be able to multitask rapidly and switch between application in no time.

back photo of the samsung galaxy c7 pro

Photo: Samsung

It runs android 6.0 marshmallow and is customized by Samsung to make it easier for the user to operate the galaxy phone easily as Samsung is known for simplifying the stock UI and making it user friendly as we have seen it in earlier versions of its smartphones,The device has a lot of connectivity features like the Bluetooth connectivity with GPS and also near field communication(NFC) so you don’t have to worry about connection options when using this smartphone.

On the right hand side of the galaxy c7 pro lies the micro SD sim slot which can also be used for expanding the storage to 256 GB’s which optimum for any person and the device comes with an internal storage of 64 GB which will surely take care of your storage of media or any type of data.

Camera quality and Lens

Front of the device has a 16 megapixel camera which is able to take self portraits and selfies which are of nice condition and look good without the need to apply some external effect on them.

The back of the Galaxy c7 pro has 16 megapixel lens as well which also has a dual led flash situated on the right handside of it and is able to click some really high quality photos and is capable of shooting Hd videos with the f/1.9 lens provided.

A lot of effects and modes can be applied from within the stock camera app to optimize the photo or edit them according to your preference.

Our Conclusion and Remarks 

If you are looking for a phone which will be able to cater to some high  performance tasks and on which you want to enjoy some really high quality gaming then the handset will surely be able to handle it.

The classy metal unibody design which will surely stand out and also the crystal clear display which makes movies come alive the Galaxy c7 pro is a really well built and an extremely sturdy device made by Samsung and for those who want to upgrade to a feature packed device this is a really good device which you should consider and it surely gives some good competition to other phones in this category.

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