the review and rating of Sony MDR-ZX110A On Ear HeadPhones

Sony MDR-ZX110A On Ear HeadPhones Review: Stylish with punchy Bass

Sony MDR-ZX110A On Ear HeadPhone

Sony MDR-ZX110A On Ear HeadPhone


7.7 /10


7.4 /10


7.0 /10


7.5 /10

Value For Money

8.5 /10


  • Premium Look
  • Lightweight
  • Good sound and Bass
  • In Budget


  • Weak High's
  • Flimsy Plastic Build

We all love things which offer us more at less price and the Sony MDR-ZX110A headphones fits perfectly in that criteria,these high energy and obviously stylish looking pair of stereo headphones are manufactured by Sony to provide the everyday user a good quality product with him/her spending fairly less amount of money.

Details and the Main Features of the product


Comfort and the Design quality

The built and the look of the headphones are actually surprising for a device at such a price point as they look fancy and elegant and even look of premium quality.

The audio device is made of low quality plastic but has a nice glossy finish to cover up for that,the product bends on little effort but is sturdy for everyday use ans can withstand pressure or rough handling and heavy duty activities is not recommended.

folded look of Sony MDR-ZX110A

Photo: Sony

The Sony MDR-ZX110A comes with a stylish swivel design which enabled you to fold a the headphones earcups and it allows a user to easily pack it up in their backpack or just put it in your suitcase while travelling,the swivel folds flat so that it does not raise when placed against a flat surface hence portability is a major plus point of this device.

A 1.2 meter cable is provided which is of Y type and is built of tangle free type material and hence you don’t have to worry about untangling those knots when you want to use them.

The cups are covered with cushioning fabric which lets the MDR’s sit nicely on the ears but the headband is not coated with any material to provide cushion which is understandable and does not create any major issue,the self adjusting levers adjust themselves easily to cover your ears completely and the headphones cups can be moved to provide the optimum fit for you.

Bass Performance and Satisfying Sound

The headphones are quite lightweight which was noticed during this review and the 300 mm neo dymium driver unit provides its sound capabilities and it does manage to handle the tracks pretty well.

The low’s of the wired headphones are amazing and the mid’s and the high’s are average but the product can easily deliver some bass packed audio and gives it a punchy feel.

The enclosed design of the earcups on the Sony MDR-ZX110A are able to provide an isolated environment for the user to listen to audio and the music experience is very good as the frequency response is 12Hhz to 22Hz which ensures good sound quality and the acoustics are conserved to be deflected back into your ear’s.

The volume on the stereo headphones are loud enough and the audio quality does not seem to suffer as the volume is turned up or is put to the max so you can easily listen to your favorite tracks also without worrying about any music bleed from you headphones.

Ultimate words and Final Conclusion

These pair of headphones from Sony will really surprise you as they deliver power packed sound experience and good bass.

The Sony MDR-ZX110A has a really elegant look and does provide all these at such a low price which is a very compelling factor about them and even the people who enjoy some deep bass or are fond of high quality sound experience wont actually have a problem rocking these pairs as they seem to deliver on most of the levels of a good product.

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Sony MDR-ZX110A On Ear HeadPhone
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