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JBL GO Portable Wireless Speaker Review: Light,Loud and Low Priced

JBL GO Portable Wireless Speaker

JBL GO Portable Wireless Speaker

Design and Durability

8.3 /10


8.5 /10

Sound and Bass

7.8 /10


8.1 /10

Value for Money

8.8 /10


  • Boxed Sleek Design
  • High Volume
  • Portable and Compact
  • Battery


  • Low Frequency Bass
  • Slight distortions at Max Volume

The JBL GO speakers will easily be on the top of ones mind when he/she goes to purchase a compact speaker because of the form factor and sleek rectangular cube design and a quality sound system.

As we have seen before on our website that JBL manages to produce brilliant earphones and has been able to do the same with speakers in the form of go which have gained such immense popularity because they look really decent and give thumping bass.

The Characteristics and Precise Summary


An Eye Catching Design and Portability

When we look at the JBL products from their vast lineup we see that they concentrate on building a device which has good quality and is pleasing to the eye hence the jbl go is no different as it a very compact speaker which can be easily put in the pocket of your shirt or the shorts and the overall built is good.

The front has the mesh grill for audio emission as well as the top has the control buttons to control the device and connect through Bluetooth.

The Bluetooth Speaker has solid rubberized edge coating which gives it a good feel while holding and does not slip around when placed on a flat surface.

The 3.5 mm jack as well as the USB port is situated on the right hand side of the device and the left side has two holes to tie a lanyard or a string to attach it to your bag or from your waist as it is a pretty lightweight speaker and is available in multiple trendy colors.

Side view of jbl go speaker

Photo: HarmanAudio

The front grill has a big JBL logo with the Blue LED situated on the top to notify of the Bluetooth connection taking place or not.

Loud Volume Sound with Decent Bass

The pairing of the JBL go speaker is pretty fast fast to an external smartphone or a laptop via the Bluetooth capabilities and the speaker picks up the device pretty easily if its a bit far away also.

A pretty neat feature is the inclusion of the microphone which enables a user to easily attend calls on it and have the ease of walking around without actually holding a smartphone.

The portable speaker boasts a battery time of about 4 -5 hours with intense audio output and the need for plugging it in via the USB socket to charge wont worry as it has a decent battery life.

the front look of jbl go review

Photo: HarmanAudio

Volume on the small boombox is extremely loud for a device of this size and can easily fill up an entire room with its loud audio which is clear and sounds good even at higher volume due to the 40 mm driver built inside of it.

The treble of the speaker is good with mids and the high’s do a good job and the bass is quite audible and can be appreciated,whereas the low’s are ok and nothing to be praised about on this review along with the voice which is clear and crisp when heard on the speaker with slight break on higher sound levels but we shouldn’t complain keeping in mind the price of this portable device.

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Conclusion and Final Verdict

We think that the wireless speaker serves a lot of purposes and does actually provide the user with a good sound experience whether it be the bass or the portability of the box shaped JBL GO,it does really reproduce the audio quality in a good manner and volume is something which could wake the person in the next room.

So conclusively if you want a small speaker which you may like to roam around with or just an additional speaker on your table alongside your laptop or smartphone then this device is an apt and a good choice.

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JBL GO Portable Wireless Speaker
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