review and specifications of the Philips BT-50G

Philips BT-50G Bluetooth Wireless Speaker Review: affordable and worth it

Philips BT-50G Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Philips BT-50G Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Design and Durability

8.4 /10


7.9 /10

Sound and Bass

7.5 /10


7.8 /10

Value For Money

8.8 /10


  • Design and Looks
  • High Volume
  • Decent sound quality
  • Portability


  • No microphone

This really compact and a lightweight speaker called the Philips BT-50G is one the devices which promises and delivers on a multitude of features and gives the user the joy and comfort of a portable sound accessory.

Philips venture into the audio industry has been successful with a lot of established and popular products under its cap and lineup.

Among these products some really turn heads because of their aesthetics and sound and this device is one of those,

Description and a Rundown of the Product


A lightweight design with Easy Portability

As soon as you look at the product the first thing you notice is how small is the device and is very easy to just put inside your bag or just carry it in your hand like a small boombox.

Compact and a round design give the Philips BT-50G its cylindrical look and also it comes with a lot of vibrant color which you can choose from to suit your likes.

The wireless portable speaker can easily fit inside the palm of your hand and has the speaker grill on the top side of the cylinder whereas the lower bottom part of the speaker has the led indicator along with the power button which can be slid to the left or the right to boot up the device and the pairing device along side with it.

There is an USB port on the back of the device along with the auxiliary input port which can be used to feed in the audio supply to the wireless speaker.The top view of the Philips BT-50G

Photo: Philips

The audio speaker is built of complete plastic but does not seem to feel cheap or does not feel flimsy and does look outstanding and of good quality.

The bottom of the BT-50G has a rubber mat to provide it grip on the surface that it is standing on and along with the speaker a USB cord is provided which is used to charge up the device.

Connects Easily to Provides great Sound Experience and Quality

The button on the front of the device are used to power up the device and is a 3 way button to shift from on/off or auxiliary input and the pair button is used to connect to device through Bluetooth by holding the pairing button for a few seconds and the led then turns solid blue when it is connected successfully.

You can easily connect this wireless speaker to any smartphone or a tablet or even few smart TV’s as the product from Philips does connect very easily and the range is good enough.

Now talking about the bass and the sound of the Philips BT-50G which is really impressive as it seems to give some good bass for device of this size and the volume on this wireless speaker is astronomically loud and we are sure people even in the next room can hear you playing music without any problem.

The treble is good and the vocals are a joy to hear on this device but do not expect some high punchy bass as it does not provide it but the overall experience is more than satisfactory in concern with the music and audio quality.

Primarily one of the very crucial and important features of the Philips speaker is its ability to provide a crack free or we can say distortion free music even when the music is turned up fully high at extreme volumes as it filters and equalizes the audio as it passes through its amplifiers due to the anti clipping technology which lets you blast music at high volume without worrying about distortions.

The battery backup of the Philips BT-50G is decent with it providing a life of about 5-6 hours of continuous usage and may vary according to the music and volume but and the charge of the device can be checked on the phone where it shows a vertical battery alongside a headphone symbol but most of the android devices don’t seem to show this and the battery life cannot be checked from the speaker itself or find out if the speaker has been charged to the max.

A Quick Roundup and Thoughts

This wireless speaker did really surprise us as it comes with a load of options and features like a really good design which promises portability along with bright and sharp colors to choose from and nice battery life.

The Philips BT-50G is a powerful yet a very compact wireless speaker which gives good sound clarity wit decent bass and performs really well even at high volume so on concluding remarks this is a brilliant product from Philips and can be easily considered to satisfy your musical needs.

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Philips BT-50G Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
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