best led hd tv under rs 10000

Best LED TV under the price of Rs 10000 | FULL HD 1080P

Long gone are those days when you had to spend a lot of money to buy a LED TV as many companies have begun manufacturing them at really low  prices.

In todays review slash list we give you the best LED TV with Full HD capability so you can enjoy movies and any kind of entertainment you like.

These televisions have been compiled by scouring and hunting the internet and personally checking user verdicts so that we give you the best recommendation,alright enjoy the following list below.

Best HD LED TV under 10000 Rupees


1. Micromax 24B600HD  LED TV

Micromax 24B600HD tv

It is known that Micromax makes one of the best looking and built products for the consumers and this TV is another example of it as they have seemed to make a brilliant looking product.It is a 24 inch TV which is not only very sleek and stylish but is lightweight so you can carry it around,mounting it on the wall is much preferable.

It comes with an extravagant sound system which is loud and clear to the ear,the screen is HD ready to view and is clear as it runs on the audio visual entertainment architecture which gives it smooth functionality and brightness at a meager price of Rs 10000 only so it makes it a great purchase.

The AVEA also gives it power saving feature and it being a zero dot panel you can expect good visuals,there are many connectivity options like USB HDMI and also the mobile ca be connected.


2. Panasonic(22 inch) TH-22D400DX Full HD LED TV

Panasonic (22 inch) TH-22D400DX hd led tv

I must say that this is in really high demand as the reviews have been amazing about this low cost 22 inch television,It has a beautiful looking screen with a display of resolution 1920 x 1080 on which you can view Blu ray movies.

There is an USB port as well as a HDMI port to connect your computer,videos are fluid due to a quick refresh rate with loud and crisp sound with the help of the 6W speaker output.


3. Philips 24PFL3951

Philips 24PFL3951

Expect great quality sound which will blow your mind as it has a massive 2 speakers with 20W power,there is really good quality and depth to the pictures,the perfect motion rate helps to reduce the stutter and eliminates the unwanted noise.

Multiple Connectivity features include 2 USB ports as well as 2 HDMI ports, the Philips 24PFL3951 looks classy and is made for every type of household.


4. LG 22LH454A-PT TV


This is another great device from television giants LG who created this for people with a low budget so that even they can enjoy.The triple XCD engine engine runs inside with it being a slim LED panel,it is a full HD TV with features such as built in games and multiple picture modes,Audio is supported by Dolby so we can expect theatre like experience.


5. VU 24JL3 24 inch LED HD-Ready TV

VU 24JL3 24 inch LED HD-Ready TV

Just imagine that you are getting a 24 inch HD LED display with a TV which costs less than Rs 10000 isn’t that just unbelievable,not really as VU has really catered to our needs with one of a kind product,Being lightweight and portable you can fit it almost anywhere as it doesn’t bother taking much area,The speaker is blaring loud with 10 W each on either side.Everything speaks in the favor of the VU 24JL3 so making it a remarkable product.


So there we go these are the top choices and we highly recommend these TV’s as they give you a lot of options and specifications like,1080p,Sound,Connectivity etc at a much lower price than other products out there in the market.Please let us know if you have a question or would like to share your experience.

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