BPL (32 inch) Vivid BPL080D51H review

BPL (32 inch) Vivid BPL080D51H HD Ready TV Review | Ratings

BPL (32 inch) Vivid BPL080D51H HD Ready LED TV

BPL (32 inch) Vivid BPL080D51H HD Ready LED TV


8.0 /10


8.3 /10


7.4 /10


8.3 /10


  • Good Picture Quality
  • Connectivity options
  • Pocket Friendly


  • Sound Quality

On today’s review we check out the BPL Vivid BPL080D51H which seems to be gaining a lot of popularity mainly because of its low price as a 32 inch HD ready television.

This particular television is topping the charts as a bestseller on most of the e-commerce site and people have really good feedback about it thus it was our responsibility to find out more and elaborate it fully.

Lets start off by talking about each component and then move forward,


Design is Good and Sturdy

As we said earlier it is a 80 cm LED TV so its not quite big and huge but you can surely place it in your drawing room or in your bedroom and can easily watch anything you want with enough clarity.

The build of the 32 inch Vivid BPL080D51H is good and has a solid plastic body with thin bezels and a small BPL logo on the bottom,The back of the television has the ports and is slightly bulging so you can easily connect the wires or the USB drive.

BPL (32 inch) Vivid BPL080D51H review and ratings

It might not be super slim but its okay when considering that it is a budget device ,you get a wall mount and 2 stands for placing it on a table but we think that this TV would certainly look better when mounted.


Display Quality

As an HD ready device it means that you can play high quality videos either via the external ports which have been provided or can play regular cable or DTH if you have HD channels.

The screen resolution is of 1366 x 768 which is good and with a refresh rate of 60 Hz you wont suffer from frame drops or missing pictures as the refresh rate is very good and fast.

One thing really impressive about the Vivid BPL080D51H is the viewing angles which really surprise the viewer as you can easily place the TV in the middle of a big room and still be able to watch comfortably from tight angles,you can easily experience the its full potential upto 178 degrees and that itself is incredible.

The picture quality and the colors pop out well and BPL made it possible with the help of a 3D digital comb filter which helps in contrasts and gives the television its good performance.


Sound Quality could be Better

The audio quality of the 80 cm TV is good but not that great but it would be foolish to complain as the company tried to squeeze in as much as they can at this low budget.

The speaker output is of 16 W and thus you must be wondering that it might be loud and yes it is loud enough but might be distorted or unclear at high volumes thus a home theater system or a pair of speakers will really give the television a new dimension.


Lots of Connectivity Options

Having good connectivity on your television is really a plus point as it gives you the freedom to enhance the devices performance and do a lot of things.

A great thing is that you can even connect your headphones if you don’t want to wake someone up in the middle of the night and silently want to enjoy a movie.

BPL (32 inch) Vivid BPL080D51H connectivity options

Connect you PC or a laptop and work with style or connect a gaming console like an Xbox or PlayStation and enjoy gaming with your friends or watch your favorite movies through a USB stick as the BPL Vivid has 1 VGA port, 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports to cater to most of your needs.


On an ending note we can conclude that we were really impressed on all factors and the fact that we are getting such good quality without even having to spend a lot of money is something spectacular thus the BPL (32 inch) Vivid BPL080D51H is a great budget television on which you can submerse yourself for hours and hours and just enjoy life.


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