LG OLED65W7 wallpaper tv

LG Signature (OLED65W7) Wallpaper TV is thinner than your Phone

What if i tell you LG just announced a TV which might be even thinner than your phone, the LG OLED65W7 which the company launched as wallpaper TV has really disrupted the television industry and has opened a new door for innovation when it comes to slimming things down.

I cant even tell how cool it actually looks in just photos and it would be so awesome to own it,just looking at this majestic OLED screen even if it isn’t switched on will be something else.

But as usual with all these high quality and high tech products it isn’t in everybody’s reach as it is quite expensive and now we will tell you why does the lg oled has a really high price point.

Firstly let me say that it looks like a pane of just black glass at 2.57 mm and is 65 inches of pure screen which is incredible and beats any other competition out there and was the main set piece of the CES event.

The LG wallpaper TV weighs at an almost 8 kg which isn’t bad and can be placed on a stand but the real fun is when you mount it on a wall with the help of some magnets and truly brings out the picture on the wall aspect.

LG OLED65W7 wallpaper tv


The solution to build something of this capacity would require some out of the box engineering and thus LG has not included any inbuilt speakers and have actually given a soundbar which is like the brain of the unit,it is quite in your face but looks decent and is the source of the sound as it has dual Dolby Atmos speakers and has the power supply as well as the connections required.

The soundbar boasts all the major connectivity ports usually required such as the 4 HDMI,3 USB , RF ,Composite,Etherenet port,1 mini jack port and a optical port which usually is everything you shall need.

It is not that slim or minimal so that you could tuck it somewhere but is actually supposed to be kept beneath the panel and is supposed to be seen.

Now you must be thinking about how would you connect the speaker and the wallpaper TV,well it is taken care by a really flat cable which is white.

Now talking about the operating system which runs and powers the device,the webOS 3.5 is pretty neat and is really easy to use with easy to use interface along with magic link which provides content recommendation as well.So for the people who come from the previous webOS it feels quite comfortable and quite at home and with the inclusion of channel plus which is service which provides with a plethora of free channels which you can enjoy.

The alpha 9 chip works brilliantly and provides with less frame loss and a brilliant and a crisp picture quality and the LG OLED65W7 comes with TruMotion enabled which actually is a feature which provides some extra frames to give a smoother feel altogether.

LG  wallpaper tv


The real visual treat is when you watch a content which is 4k but also 1080p video does look pretty good with the bezel less experience along with really deep black and individually brightened pixels along with the HDR mode which makes everything look pretty good.

The sound on the TV is very good as it has a separate unit just for the audio and the Atmos speakers give a good and a rich bass along with nice and clear audio which will fill up your entire room due to the upward firing motion.

To wrap things up the LG OLED65W7 is one really impressive design and stands true to the hype with an aesthetic looking panel and the clear video audio experience it might not support 3D and might be way to expensive as of now but waiting for a while might reduce the price and you can break the bank for it.

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